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Saturday, February 22, 2020

A swimming dilemma

Today, just a small cap and a note on concepts of Beauty: 

There are some people who obsess over "flawless" beauties who have highly abnormal breast, waist, thigh, and belly proportions and technologically-"enhanced" (meaning: fake) faces or body types that really don't represent women at all.  I think that's deeply unfortunate, since so many girls starve themselves (with anorexia or bulimia) and kill themselves to achieve a "perfect" shape or are afraid to death that they are "fat" or "ugly."  (Think of the tragic, talented, and beautiful Karen Carpenter, who basically starved herself to death out of fear of fans even as she sang the beautiful song linked below.)

Personally, I like this model (Airi Suzuki) for her little crooked teeth, because she has a light, pretty smile and does not have to hide any "imperfection."  Airi isn't perfect, and she never has to be; she has fans who like her as she is.  No need for "correction."  She's just a simple girl like me. ^^ 

Listening to this song, I miss you, K.C.  :"(

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Do me like a lady

 I don't usually post a music video under the caption, but you see, I've been inspired by my friend and mentor Dee, who is highly musical!  And I love classic rock music too. ^^  
So here's a musical reference to the classic 1987 song by Aerosmith: "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," which obviously inspired the title of this caption.  😊

It's the very first song that I ever heard that describes what is apparently bisexual or shemale sex.  (You can even hear the sexual grunts in the lyrics at the end of the song!)
Way to go, Aerosmith!

Are you ready?

This caption is for my new friend, Chelle, a new captioner!
I am so glad to meet you, Chelle! ^^

Sally's epiphany

This one goes out to Sally Bend!
Sally, I don't know if I did the husband/wife thing to your satisfaction!  If not, let me know and I can do it over again, since I want to get it right for a beautiful girl like you. ^^

(Guest caption by Dee) Do As I Say, and Everything Will Turn Out Fine ... For Me At Least!

Dear readers!  I am so happy that one of my major inspirations and role models, Dee, who is charming witty and sensual and such a spectacular and thoughtful writer, has made a caption for me!  She is Dee, the famous Ms. Mentia, the creator of the blog Dee-lusions of Grandeur.

With her permission and blessing, I am posting her caption here on my blog site for you to enjoy.  I am so thankful for Dee's warm support, her wit, and her thoughtfulness in making a gift for me that she describes as being in the "style of 'naughty' caption, where the picture isn't nearly as over the top as the story that accompanies it."  That's the style I love best; I have a lot to learn from Dee! 

Please visit her caption website for even more caption goodness!  It's listed among my Friends and Inspirations links on the right side.  And also, the link to Dee's original caption is here. 

And here's what she made for me!  It's got hypnosis and pantyhose and---oh my!  *giggles.* 

*Thank you, Dee.* 

(Again, this is a lovely caption by Dee, not by me!)
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